Welcome to shit
An introduction

Welcome to AFVX 7945-589 Ladies and Gentlemen

This place is the latest and greatest Special Operations Team from the US Military.

Currently few in numbers, success will bring funding, which will bring more men, material and missions.

My name is Lieutenant Commander Samuels, but you can call me Commander Samuels for short.

I am the Commanding Officer of this base, and will also be doing most of the briefings.

Major Davies, my Second in Command, will be doing the mission preparations, briefings, and contact to other branches, like the Air Force for flying you in to places.

Master Sergeant DuChamp, our Training Officer, is in charge of training all kinds of combat training.

Staff Sergeant Rodriguez will be in charge of the Motorpool, so he gets to chew out your ass if you scratch any vehicle.

Supply Sergeant Daniels leads the Armory and all other aspects of supplies.

Captain Schaeffer, the base medic, will take care of any bumps you might take during missions.

Captain Dharm is the unit Chaplain, taking care of your spiritual needs.

Captain Davari will head up Bravo Squad, and Lieutenant Chun will head up Charlie Squad


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