Basic Combat Feats

Armor Group Proficiency
Pre-requisites You need Light Armor Group, to take Medium. And Medium Armor Group, to take Heavy.
Benefit Able to use the groups type of armor, without severe penalties
Special Nothing

Career Operative
Experience makes you harder to kill
Pre-requisites Level 6+
Benefit +1 on Fortitude, Reflex and Will saves
Special Nothing

Clockwork Tactics
You know how to lead
Pre-requisites Lead Class ability
Benefit At the start of combat, you may use an Action Die to increase the Initiative roll of any ally that rolled lower than you, to equal yours. May affect a number of allies equal to your CHA modifier.
Special Nothing

Combat Instincts
Your melee instincts are preternatural
Pre-requisites None
Benefit If you are not flat-footed, and an adjacent opponent misses a melee attack with 5 or more points, you may as a free action, make a 1 single attack against that opponent.
You may use this ability a number of times per round equal to your DEX modifier
Special Nothing

Confident Charge
You may dart around corners at high speed
Pre-requisites DEX 13+, WIS 13+
Benefit During a charge, you may make a number of turns equal to your DEX modifier, none of which can be more than 90 degrees
Special Nothing

Coolness Under Fire
You are not rattled by bullets whipping past your ears
Pre-requisites None
Benefit Gain +2 on attack rolls against an opponent gaining the benefit of cover fire.
Only suffer ½ the penalties of suppressive fire
Special Nothing

You have incredible stamina
Pre-requisites None
Benefit Gain +4 on checks to do a physical activity over an extended period of time.
Do not get penalties to STR and DEXfor fatigue
Special Nothing

You are trained in both offensive and defensive techniques
Pre-requisites INT 13+
Benefit You may accept up to a 5 point penalty on a standard attack, and gain that amount as a bonus to defense as a dodge bonus.
This penalty may not exceed your BAB and lasts for 1 round.
Special Nothing

Great Fortitude
Your toughness is well known
Pre-requisites None
Benefit +2 to Fortitude Saves
Special Nothing

Improved Disarm
You are skilled in disarming
Pre-requisites Expertise
Benefit +1 on attack rolls to Disarm.
+1 threat range on Disarm attempts
If you fail a Disarm attempt, opponent may not get a free disarm on you.
Special Nothing

Improved Initiative
Your reflexes are uncanny
Pre-requisites None
Benefit +4 to initiative checks
Special Nothing

Improved Two Weapon Fighting
Your expertise with two weapons is exemplary
Pre-requisites BAB 9+, Two Weapon Fighting
Benefit You can now make 2 attacks with your off-hand weapon. This attack gains a -5 penalty to hit.
Special Nothing

Increased Speed
You move considerably faster than others
Pre-requisites Run
Benefit You gain +10 to your base speed
Special Nothing

Iron Will
You have extremely strong willpower
Pre-requisites None
Benefit +2 to Will Saves
Special Nothing

Keep your head down
You are good at keeping out of harms way
Pre-requisites DEX 15+, BAB 4+, Coolness Under Fire
Benefit While behind cover, you can choose to take a -2 penalty on attack rolls, to gain DR equal to the covers bonus to your Reflex Saves.
This DR stacks with the DR from armor.
Special Nothing

Lightning Reflexes
You Intuitively react to dangerous situations
Pre-requisites None
Benefit +2 to Reflex Saves
Special Nothing

You are skilled at moving safely past an opponent
Pre-requisites DEX 13+
Benefit You may move normally away from an opponent.
If taking the total defense action, you may double your movement.
Special Nothing

Quick Draw
You bring weapons into combat with inhuman speed
Pre-requisites DEX 13+, BAB 1+
Benefit You may draw and ready a weapon within easy reach, draw two weapons or holster one, then draw another weapon as a free action
Special Nothing

Quick Healer
Your injuries heal faster than average
Pre-requisites CON 13+
Benefit You recover twice as many Vitality or Wound points via natural healing as normal
Special Nothing

You can push yourself beyond standard limits when running
Pre-requisites None
Benefit Your run speed multiplier is 5 instead of 4.
Your height or length when making a running jump is increased by a quarter
Special Nothing

You are adept at evading attacks
Pre-requisites DEX 13+
Benefit You may at the start of the round, choose an opponent and get a +2 dodge bonus against that opponent.
Alternatively you may choose all opponents and gain a +1 dodge bonus against all attacks
Special Nothing

Surge of Speed
You may perform an additional action each turn
Pre-requisites None
Benefit You may take an additional half action each round
Special This bonus action may not be an attack.
This may be used once per session, + once for each 4 levels attained.

You are tougher than average
Pre-requisites None
Benefit Choose between 2 wounds and 4 Vitality
Special May be taken several times

Two Weapon Fighting
Your skill with your offhand is improved
Pre-requisites None
Benefit You suffer less penalties for using a weapon in each hand
Special Nothing

Weapon Focus
You are extremely proficient with one weapon
Pre-requisites Weapon Group with chosen weapon, BAB 1+
Benefit +1 to hit with one specific weapon, +1 to repair that weapon too (if applicable)
Special Nothing

Weapon Group Proficiency
Your toughness is well known
Pre-requisites None
Benefit Able to use that type of weapons
Special Choose between Hurled, Handgun, Rifle, Tactical, Melee, Exotic.
Each feat grants you proficiency with one group

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Basic Combat Feats

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